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Birch / CBeyond One network for all of your services.

We have been working with Birch and CBeyond for several years and they offer some very specific products that can provide the right service for your business, whether you need basic broadband or high-speed business grade internet:
  • Their basic broadband products include DSL and fiber options at speeds up to 24Mbps.
  • Their high-speed, business-grade broadband products provide speeds up to 100Mbps—even up to 1GB in some areas. We use T1, Ethernet over Copper (Ethernet) and Fiber technologies. These technologies are symmetric, which means if you buy a 100Mbps circuit, you get 100Mbps for uploads and 100Mbps for downloads.
MPLS is an IP VPN service that connects multiple customer locations together as a virtual network.

If you need mobile data solutions, they offer a full suite of products, including laptop cards, hotspots and tablets, as well as Wireless Continuity solutions that operate as a backup to keep your business up-and-running even if the connection goes down.

MPLS offers one network for every location.

Integral Choice can design a Birch MPLS service that securely connects branch offices, customers, remote employees and suppliers nationally over a carrier-grade, privately-owned IP network that supports all mission-critical voice and data traffic requiring real-time delivery. It provides custom VLAN solutions with Quality of Service, redundancy and low latency. Data is encrypted and authenticated for improved security.
  • Support all of your applications on a single service
  • Secure conduit to cloud services
  • Reduce cost for equipment layout and voice services
  • Enhance your end-user experience
  • Modernize your network to support emerging technologies

Fiber & Metro Ethernet

Metro Ethernet network access delivers a secure and affordable, high-bandwidth connection to unify business communications and cloud applications. Both Fiber and Ethernet-in the First –Mile (EFM) delivery methods support voice, data, video conferencing, remote access and IP applications.

Fiber-based access is high-speed optic fiber employed by Birch’s TotalNetwork® to provide a secure, always available network for our cloud and communications services.
  • Provides from 10 Mbps up to 1 Gbps
  • Fiber is more reliable as it is immune to electromagnetic interference from other sources
  • More secure than copper-based access as there are no radiated magnetic fields
Ethernet-in-the-First Mile (EFM) bonds multiple copper phone lines using sophisticated electronics for reliable high bandwidth delivery.
  • Provides from 6 Mbps up to 100 Mbps (depending on number of copper pairs)
  • Enables faster rollout of high bandwidth cloud and communication services
  • Provides rapid delivery of service for building tenants

Cloud Services

Maintaining mission-critical technology onsite is expensive and time-consuming. Birch can help you transition your business to the cloud to free up your budget for other business priorities and make monthly expenses affordable and predictable. Their cloud service experts can move your applications and data to our cloud data center over our secure network.
Some of the benefits of Birch Cloud Services include:
  • Efficient consolidation and standardization of your IT environment
  • Meeting growing demands for users and customers
  • Speeding time to market of new applications and services
  • Significantly lowering energy consumption
  • Expertise from certified engineers and developers