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EarthLink For Business Solutions:

EarthLink is ready to make things happen for your company.

As a leading IT services and communications provider, EarthLink Business empowers IT leaders to help drive the growth strategy at businesses of all sizes. EarthLink does this by providing fully-managed and secure end-to-end network and IT solutions that help clients reduce capital expenditures and improve operations, all supported by an experienced customer care team.

Selecting the Right Cloud Strategy


Selecting the Right Cloud Strategy

Business owners and IT managers are faced with the challenge of having limited IT budgets and staff available to meet the demands for expanding IT systems and applications. Most businesses would like to reduce the complexity of their IT infrastructure, and scale their IT capabilities to accommodate changing business requirements. Specifically, they want to roll out new applications faster to support customers, employees, and partners. And that's challenging, especially in today's world characterized by an incredibly diverse and ever-expanding range of systems, devices and operating systems.
Most organizations lack the highly skilled IT workforce to keep such an environment running smoothly without fail. Even if they do maintain such skilled IT personnel, it makes far more business sense to keep them focused on strategic revenue-generating initiatives than on routine system implementation and maintenance. Cloud hosting represents a very attractive solution for businesses of all sizes. Outsourcing the routine maintenance of IT infrastructure and platforms is an ideal way to refocus skilled IT resources and scarce IT budgets on more strategic business-building projects. Perhaps more than any other technology innovation of the past 15 years, Cloud services offer the most promise when it comes to aligning IT with business goals. The Cloud will be a key component within the IT strategies of many businesses going forward.  Integral Choice will recommend the right Cloud Services for your Business environment!!

Stay Connected and Productive

Collaboration can happen regardless of the location of employees, time of day or the device being used. Likewise, customers can quickly connect to customer support to address critical issues resulting in exceptional customer experience. Empower your employees to stay connected with a full suite of collaboration services including voice, email, document sharing, instant messaging, web conferencing and presence. Add 24/7 help desk support to provide immediate assistance to your team to keep them connected when technical difficulties encountered with passwords, devices, or establishing remote connectivity.

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