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Why would I need consulting I know about technology?

Well the answer can be found in the same way you would answer the question about why you call an electrician for electrical matters. Time, confidence in the results, opportunity cost, and savings for the business. I (figurative) may conceptually know a lot about electrical matters, but this does not mean I have the time, energy, and confidence to rework an electrical panel in a home.

How do you bill for consulting?

Integral Choice takes engagements in a few different ways; hourly billings, fixed project cost, and fixed project or hourly fee with waiver of charges.
Please tell me more…

Hourly Consulting – Integral Choice mitigates costs for you by having consultants that work on different billing tiers. This allows your business to keep the consulting fees to a minimum.

Fixed Project – Based on the scope and needs of a project Integral Choice can supply a fixed _ bid for the job.

Fixed Project of Hourly with Fee Waiver – This incorporates the fixed or hourly consulting process with an opportunity to receive credits or a complete waiver. This is based on telecom solutions or technologies be purchased through Integral Choice allowing for credits or rebates to be supplied. Call now to
discuss further or use the contact us option via the web.

Do you have references?

Yes, Integral Choice can supply references for projects that include International WAN, Regional telephony, and Phone System deployments including complex ACD functionality

Why Integral Choice?

We not only drive a strong value, but are really good at what we do. With the resources we have with our Carrier and Technology partners in addition to our staff we are able to get questions answered and deliver strong results.

When to get consulting?

Now!! Seriously, when looking at making telephony changes, looking to reduce expense, need expert assistance, special projects, or adjunct resource to your core team

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