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What We Do

  • We design and provide global wide area networks for our multinational clients
  • We secure, monitor and manage our clients’ networks
  • We deliver outstanding client experience

A Better Way to Reach the Cloud

Secure public, private and hybrid connectivity solutions for multinational enterprises

Internet Services

Voice and Unified Communications

One of the world’s top 5 internet backbones
  • IP Transit
  • Dedicated Internet Access
  • Broadband Internet
IP-based communication and collaboration
  • SIP Trunking
  • Hosted Enterprise PBX
  • Cloud-based call center and contact center
  • Extensive global telephony footprint

EtherCloud Services

Secure connectivity to any location in the world
and any application in the cloud
Ethernet and MPLS technologies

  • Point-to-point and multipoint configurations

Flexible pricing options:

  • Aggregate committed data rate across sites or per location pricing

  • Burstable service


Managed Services

End-to-end network management
Managed Network Services

  • Managed network connectivity

  • Managed routers, firewalls, wifi

Multi-layered Security Services

  • Unified threat management

  • PCI compliance and reporting

Managed Secure Access

  • Remote access from any device

Internet Services

IP Transit

Global Reach

  • Availability in 250+ POPs

  • 2,000+ partners to extend our reach

  • Deployed in 100 countries

Flexible Port Options

  • Fast Ethernet

  • Gigabit Ethernet

  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet

  • 100 Gigabit Ethernet

Fixed CDR or Burst Model
Top 5 Interconnected Ipv4 Backbone

  • Full native IPv6 support

  • 100% Jumbo Frame compliant backbone

Dedicated Internet Access

Global Availability

  • Symmetrical connectivity from 1.5 Mbps to 1G or more

  • Bandwidth guarantees and burstable ports

Aggregate Bandwidth CDRs Available for Multiple Site Configurations

Interface Types

  • T1/E1

  • Ethernet


Public Address IP Space

Broadband Internet Services

Global Availability Interface Types
  • DSL
  • ADSL
  • 3G/4G
  • Dryloop
  • Fiber

EtherCloud® Services

Layer 2 and Layer 3
Private, Public and Hybrid WAN options available

Customized configurations:

  • Point-to-Point (Dedicated Ethernet)

  • Point-to-Multipoint (EVPL)

  • Multipoint (VPLS, MPLS/IP VPN)

Flexible pricing options:

  • Aggregate committed data rate
  • Burstable service

Managed Services

Managed CPE

Complete end-to-end network
management from premises through
  • Complete turnkey solution
  • Managed router, switch and server
  • Managed WiFi
  • Customized configurations

Multi-layered Security

The most advanced & comprehensive
managed security services in the industry
  • Multi-layered security includes both cloud-based + premises-based services
  • Maintain compliance with the most stringent regulatory requirements
  • Comprehensive Unified Threat Management (UTM) services
  • PCI compliance services for merchants
  • First network provider to achieve PCI/CISP compliance
  • Leadership position on the PCI Security Standards Council

Managed Secure Access

Ubiquitous access anywhere and
anytime, from any device
  • Highly certified, dedicated engineers with more than 15 years experience
  • 500K+ TLS/SSL devices installed in more than 16 countries
  • 650,000 managed users
  • 16 billion connections per month
  • First network provider to achieve PCI/CISP compliance
  • Leadership position on the PCI Security Standards Council

Voice and Unified Communications

SIP Trunking
One connection to global communication
Enterprise PBX
Take your office anywhere
Call Center Services
Call center and advanced routing capabilities
  • Integrates voice, video and chat onto a single connection
  • Secure Trunking service option utilizing TLS and SRTP available across diverse platforms
  • Voice network offers redundant connectivity across five continents
  • Primary, secondary and tertiary disaster recovery options offered at the trunk or individual telephone number level
  • Eliminate traditional voice
  • Infrastructure with voice services delivered from the cloud
  • Full PBX features including call transfer, music on hold, voicemail, unified messaging, company directory, and enhanced call routing
  • Backed by guaranteed uptime and leading SLAs
  • Highly flexible offering
  • Hosted and hybrid models available
  • Various service options to meet diverse business needs
Call center:

  • Service provides rich functionality at low capex

  • Features include intelligent routing and in-depth reporting

Contact center:

  • Fully integrated, multichannel platform, including voice, email, chat, social networks and SMS

Call route

  • Provides complete routing control of domestic and global DIDs and toll free numbers