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Unified Communications and Collaboration

Your teams are only as strong as their connections. Our collaboration solutions help your teams work better, together.. It's about faster, improved decision-making; simpler ways to share knowledge; and 'invisible' technology that just works.
Google Apps for Work
Google Apps for Work makes familiar personal productivity tools available to your whole team to work together. What you get is an agile, mobile, trusted collaboration environment that's a whole lot of fun.
  • Collaborate using some of the best cloud-based tools with training, support and mobility services delivered by Sprint.
  • Empower your people to work on their favorite devices in their favorite locations.
  • Deploy with the most comprehensive 24/7 end-user training and support available so your people can start collaborating quickly and easily.
Microsoft Office 365 with Sprint
Give your people mobile access to the productivity tools they love. They'll give you the productivity and efficiency your business needs.
  • Access the latest Microsoft software and applications from virtually anywhere, on almost any device.
  • Scale however and whenever you need with flexible plans and predictable annual costs.
  • Get back to work knowing you have a safe and reliable service with full support from Sprint.
Sprint Complete Collaboration
In quickly changing markets, agility is king. Which makes the ability to communicate without compromising mobility central to effective collaboration.
  • Collaborate with colleagues, customers and suppliers from virtually anywhere
  • Instant messaging, presence, conferencing, desktop sharing… the works
  • Manage it all with the ease of a single point of contact for support and maintenance
  • Deploy fast, replace all those point solutions and get predictable costs

Mobile Security and Management

A world gone mobile raises a new set of questions.Our solution sets are designed to answer those questions so you can manage the mobility with your own set of security standards.
Mobile Security Platforms
Enable your road warriors without exposing the business to excessive risk. Our Mobile Security Platforms help you empower your people while protecting what matters.
  • Protect your devices and the sensitive data on them
  • Make sure your policies and standards are followed
  • Manage the complexity with a single point of support

Mobile Workforce Management

Your mobile workforce brings your business to your customers. Nothing is more important. Our Mobile Workforce Management solutions let you monitor what matters to deliver great services, efficiently.
Sprint Workforce Locator
Find, contact and direct your field workers delivering faster pickups, greater productivity, and happier customers.
  • Track your workforce in real time
  • Keep in touch, send directions, schedule tasks, keep the communication flowing
  • Generate detailed reports to improve the way you do business

Fleet, Trailer and Asset Management

Our fleet, trailer and asset management solutions were designed to give you a bird's eye view on all of your assets in the field. Our solutions help you optimize your fleet and asset movements, drive down costs, empower your people, improve efficiencies and protect your reputation.
Fleet Management
Monitor where your drivers are and how they are driving.
  • Track your vehicles in real time
  • Reduce excessive idle time and personal use of vehicles
  • Coach for better, safer, more fuel efficient driving behaviour with reports and alerts
  • Simplify and streamline regulatory compliance -- and reduce risk of fines

Sprint Enablers

Running a business is hard enough. Do you really want to run and secure a network too? Our managed services help take all that away so you can thrive.
SIP Trunking
Reduce your costs associated with local providers and local access lines. Global SIP Trunking from Sprint turns a single IP connection into an efficient delivery system for voice, video and data. It's simple, efficient and cost effective.
  • Reduce the number of required trunks by sharing the same virtual trunks across different time zones and locations
  • Integrate seamlessly with mobile devices
  • Extend your capabilities on the foundation of an all IP, reliable network, with our support and expertise