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We offer a complete line of PREMISE BASED as well as CLOUD BASED Telephone Solutions. We carry a complete line of Leading Manufacturer's and Services Providers to meet all the Business Needs out there. 

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Business Telephone Systems

Business Telephone Service is a must have for any company regardless of size. Telephone service is the lifeline for a business, as it provides a way for potential and current customers to reach out to the business, obtain important information, and ultimately buy products or services. As technology continues to expand and become more complex, the methods of Telephone service continue to expand and gain complexity as well. Due to the rate technology advances, it can be challenging just to decipher what type of Business Telephone Service to use. It can also be overwhelming to decide which Business Telephone Service meets budget needs as well.
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By understanding the basics of Business Telephone Service and technology, it becomes easier to choose a system that is cost effective and adequately serves the needs of the company. Throughout the years, Telephone technology has evolved from legacy POTS and DS0 systems to more advanced digital PRIs and even VoIP Business Telephone Service . POTS is an acronym that stands for "Plain Old Telephone Service."

The Office environment has changed drastically, and the percentage of landline systems compared to VOIP has shifted by a large percentage over the past 5-10 years, and most companies are taking advantage of a newer feature rich VOIP System for their office environment.
A basic VoIP system is a Telephone system that communicates via the internet instead of traditional dedicated Telephone lines. For smaller companies, a basic VoIP Business Telephone Service can provide both Business Telephone Service for voice traffic and internet connectivity for one low price. Due to the nature of having all digital components, VoIP systems offer unmatched flexibility and features for businesses and are usually a fraction of the price of a traditional Telephone system. Unlike POTS lines, a Telephone number controlled by a VoIP system is not limited to one physical location. VoIP Business Telephone Service allows companies to geographically disperse their workforce while keeping a common dialing and number structure.
Along with increased mobility and features, VoIP services do not charge by the minute as traditional POTS lines would and often do not charge for long distance domestic calls. For larger businesses, VoIP Business Telephone Service is often combined with stable PRI systems to provide optimal voice features with the best possible system stability.

The next decision is whether to purchase a Premise based phone system or a Cloud Based phone system! The pro's and con's usually center around the size and complexity of the voice and data within a company's working environment. Here at Integral Choice, we have the ability to assess your environment and make a justifiable recommendation for optimizing your services needs. This will often times result in a significant cost savings and increased functionality.
We have solutions and systems for both environments and would love to discuss them with you, just pick up the phone and give us a call at 888-722-5580 and we will schedule a consultation right away.