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Verizon Communications

Integral Choice is proud to offer some very strategic services from one of the largest and oldest Network Carriers in the World. Their network for both landline, wifi, mobile, and security can offer a myriad of alternatives for your business. Integral Choice is in the unique position of being able to offer and deliver world class solutions using their network. Give us a call to see how we can integrate some of these services and save your company time, energy, and finances.

Fiber Optic Internet Service (FIOS)

Improve day-to-day operations, productivity, and opportunities for revenue growth with high-speed fiber optic Internet services that easily handle voice and data on the same line.

Multi-tasking just got easier.
Run your business applications while handling calls or streaming video, and improve efficiencies across your operations. Integral Choice can put together a Verizon FiOS solution that offers:
  • Fiber connection direct to your locations
  • Fast upload and download speeds
  • Professional installation
  • 24x7 technical support
Easy installation at your location.
Many business locations are already equipped with FiOS infrastructure, which reduces service installation time and costs. For other facilities, our specially trained technicians can get you set up with ease and handle the facility coordination with Verizon for our customers.
Increase your speed of operations.
  • Provides breakthrough speeds of up to 500 Mbps download and 500 Mbps upload in select areas
  • Runs high-bandwidth applications and sends large electronic files simultaneously
Connect your work force.
With high-speed fiber optics, you can put data-heavy apps like video conferencing to work for your business.
  • Promotes collaboration and data sharing between workers
  • Enables employees to stay productive regardless of location
  • Makes it easier to integrate new technologies into your operations

 WI-FI Networking Solutions

We can help you deliver Wi-Fi network services or extend your network capabilities to wireless workers and devices to help improve access and information sharing. These wireless solutions help you capture valuable business data to help speed up your decision-making processes and increase productivity.
Our Wi-Fi solutions provide:
  • A secure, cloud-based, wireless networking service to connect workers, guests, and devices
  • "Plug-and-play" deployment
  • A centralized management dashboard that includes comprehensive analytics and reporting tools
  • A dedicated service desk to free up internal resources for other tasks

Contact Center Solutions

Integral Choice offers a Verizon Contact Center solutions that help you:

Cloud Solutions

  • Increase agents’ productivity by enabling them to spend more time resolving concerns and less time looking up information.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by making better use of agents’ time and resources.
  • Adapt quickly to marketing changes while controlling operating costs with Internet Protocol (IP) contact centers.
  • Maintain operations by rerouting customer calls automatically whenever disruptions occur.

Integral Choice presents Verizon Cloud 

Build and secure your IT initiatives on the only cloud platform powered by Verizon’s global network.
Transform your business with secure, interconnected, managed cloud solutions. Verizon Cloud is built on one of the world’s largest global networks and protected by advanced security solutions, giving you more flexibility to meet customer expectations and safeguard critical assets.
  • Stay connected and protected with a cloud built on one of the world’s most reliable and secure networks.
  • Reduce your risk and maintain the integrity of data and apps in the cloud with proven security expertise.
  • Move beyond one-size-fits-all deployment with more adaptability for different workloads.
  • Align support levels to your workloads with consistent service delivery and expert cloud management.
  • Gain the agility and responsiveness to implement ideas faster, scale quickly, and drive performance.