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Wireless Auditing and Billing Management:


We Deliver :

Sign up with Integral Choice today to take advantage of our risk-free opportunity and start saving. We essentially pay you to manage your account, based on the savings we deliver with Wireless Auditing and Billing Management.

What Separates Integral Choice from Other Companies?
  • A FREE detailed analysis of your current wireless account and overview of potential savings will be provided prior to monies paid. You will not be sold on an idea, but rather on numbers.
  • Our consultants’ expertise and their business is based solely on the wireless industry. IC’s consultants have over a decade of experience that excels in comparison to any other audit/solution company in today’s market.
  • IC manages your account monthly. Standard wireless management companies offer a onetime savings and charges their customers for 24 months. Our solution exceeds the current expectations by delivering saving every month.
  • The most valuable service WBM provides our customers is consulting and support. We will manage the details of your wireless account that will save both money and time every month. Continual analysis of your wireless account will free up valuable resources and allow your personnel to focus on areas of your daily business, which will positively impact your bottom line as part of your normal business operations.
What We Do :
At Integral Choice, we make it our business to deliver real results to our clients. Our Wireless Auditing and Billing Management service includes:

Free detailed account analysis before any money is paid*
Our team will analyze your account end-to-end to check for unnecessary charges, unused services, and new promotions or features that add savings and value to your service.

Comprehensive account cleanup and restructure.
Once the account has been examined, we will determine and select the most cost-effective, feature-packed plan that directly aligns with your needs. The new plan will be future-dated to take effect on your next bill cycle when applicable, to avoid unnecessary bill proration.

Monthly Bill Summary Report.
Instead of performing an exhaustive bill reconciliation each month, let us simplify your billing complexities. We will deliver a concise summary of all changes and notables directly to your email inbox on a monthly basis.

Global Support
Simply email us what lines are traveling internationally and their destination(s). We will do the research to verify coverage and recommend the correct rate plan to help avoid large overage charges associated with international roaming rates.

Assumption of Liability for New Employees
An Assumption of Liability typically involves a multi-departmental series of phone calls with lengthy hold times, transfers, and terms and conditions recitations. We eliminate the hassle by taking care of everything for you, while you focus on managing your business.

Consulting on Plans and Features.
When you decide to add new lines or upgrade, we’ll work with you to advise on the best options for that line, in conjunction with all lines on your plan.

Proactive monitoring
As new plans or features become available, we’ll re-evaluate your account in order to ensure you continuously get optimal efficiency out of your plan.

Highest available discounts and promotional coding
We stay up-to-date on new promotions, and pass on this information to our clients, so you can be sure you’re always getting the best service for your needs, at the lowest rates available.

Often, we are able to apply special discounts to your account that are not public knowledge.

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