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You need fast and reliable internet services to keep operations running smoothly, and Integral Choice is here to help. Our team will provide assistance that’s specific to the carrier, meaning you’ll be working with an expert who’s equipped to answer your questions. We’ve partnered with a variety of carriers, offering a wide range of services; whether you need the basics of business internet or top-notch internet security, we’ll help you find the internet and network solution you need within your price range.

Learn About a Few of Our Carriers


Get secure public, private, and hybrid internet activity for your multinational enterprise. Companies in need of IP transit, dedicated internet access, and broadband internet can count on GTT for top-of-the-line internet services.   


Our team can assist you in gaining the right NiTel products and services to benefit your business. This network partner offers the implementation, monitoring, repair, and response needs for these products. Get fast and reliable internet connectivity, private lines, and metro ethernet. 


You can get the first and largest 40G fiber optic ethernet network in America through our featured carrier, Comcast. This sophisticated and high-capacity network is built for optimal performance, providing better efficiency.  

Spectrum for Business

Faster internet speeds up to 1000 Mbps will allow your business to support more users and devices. Spectrum for Business lets you choose a domain name that suits your business’s needs and manages your web development environment.  


Get customized voice and data solutions from Windstream. Working with a team member well-versed in the wide array of industry-leading network and cloud solutions is the ideal way to maintain peak optimization.    


Maintain the demands of your business while controlling network-related costs. These unparalleled services will give you the leverage you need for your network to run smoothly without disruptions. 


A fiber optic internet service from Verizon allows your business to run multiple business applications while simultaneously handling calls and streaming video. This will better connect your workforce and increase the speed of operations. 

One Ring Networks

One Ring Networks is the preferred fixed wireless internet service provider in the Atlanta and Dallas-Fort Worth markets. You’ll get high bandwidth that will ensure you have the internet connection and data necessary to keep your operations running smoothly. 

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In addition to powerful phone services, make sure you have the correct data services that can sustain your business. We're your home for WAN, SD WAN, MPLS, mobility, PRI,  and many other  solutions. Get in touch with Integral Choice today to speak with a staff member to see how we can assist. We’re more than happy to answer any questions about your business phone and internet solutions.

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