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Why choose SD-WAN? 

  • Best overall value and functionality
  • Agility and speed when adding locations
  • Redundancy, scalability and fault tolerance
  • Quality of experience for critical applications
  • Simplification of operations
  • Connectivity to other cloud-based solutions
  • Dynamic bandwidth
  • Cost effective upgrades
  • Support whenever you need it
  • Application acceleration and optimization 

SD-WAN from Windstream Enterprise combines the intelligent, dynamic traffic routing of SD-WAN with consulting and professional services to help you create a customized hybrid WAN solution that utilizes the best available access options. 

Application visibility & control 

Centrally manage and deploy routing policies via the WE Connect portal

Dynamic WAN Selection

Preserve application performance based on pre-set thresholds

Application Optimization

Monitor and improve network paths for higher quality

Dynamic IPsec Development

Enable end-to-end encryption for secure data transmission over public networks

SD-WAN Cloud Connect

Optimize connectivity to cloud service providers by bringing applications closer to end-users to reduce latency


Protect customer data and your brand with unified threat management features 

Managed Service

Remove the burden of management with a fully-managed service and an intuitive self-service portal 

Flexible Connectivity

Unify disparate locations with any access and connect to leading cloud service providers with SD-WAN Cloud Connect 

Dual Active Links

Increase resiliency with redundant and diverse connections at each location

SD-WAN Graphic

  • Bandwidth Aggregation 

SD-WAN allows companies to utilize multiple Internet circuits, balance the load across them, and deliver a solid quality of experience. Aggregating the Internet circuits allows for large amounts of bandwidth, while securely connecting to additional private locations.

  • Security

Businesses appreciate the cost associated with Internet circuits but worry about security if transmitting sensitive data. SD-WAN provides secure connections between sites and reduced complexities – a benefit of as-a-Service solutions!

  • Quality of Experience

SD-WAN solutions optimize the traffic, reducing overall latency, jitter and response times, and accelerate the applications themselves.

  • Dynamic Bandwidth

Do you utilize or plan to utilize other cloud services, such as AWS, Azure or Google? Many SD-WAN providers connect directly to many of these cloud providers. Additionally, there are options that allow bandwidth to grow dynamically as your cloud needs change.

  • Redundancy

SD-WAN solutions can combine your MPLS and Internet connections, so they don’t sit idle. Imagine SD-WAN can dynamically and intelligently route traffic over multiple circuits to improve efficiency, and if there’s a circuit failure, SD-WAN provides seamless packet by packet routing to keep you up and running. With little downtime, you and your employees can be more efficient and productive throughout the day.

  • Network Function Virtualization

We can also provide partnerships with companies that can virtualize out many network functions, such as firewalls, VPNs, load balancing, application acceleration, etc.

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